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Custom Made Frames

Contact us for custom made frames. Frames really dress up your trophy for home or office. With a frame your tail keeps that beautiful sheen and you will not disturb feathers by dusting.

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E-mail us a picture of your turkey tail using our kit and we will put it in our Trophy Room for all to enjoy. Send-it

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Why Turkey Tail Mount Kit

The Turkey Tail Taxidermist Preservation Kit shows how to assemble a clean mount.

This  turkey tail mount was made during the production of our instructional DVD.

Notice no plaque

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A beautiful way to preserve our efforts in wildlife conservation.
E-mail us a picture of your turkey tail using our kit and we will put it in our trophy room for all to enjoy.

Put an end to birds that hang up.

decoy mount kit

Put a real tail on or near your decoys and see the difference.

A real tail makes a real difference.


Preserving turkey tail feathers hasn’t changed much since the reintroduction of the majestic bird. UNTIL NOW!

Most preservation kits do not actually preserve the tail. In this kit, all flesh is taken off of the tail and only the feathers are used. Unlike most kits this one does not use borax, which only dries the flesh, and can cause insects to infest and rotting to occur.

Warning when using this kit removing the tail from your turkey is a critical part when mounting your turkey tail. The mistake most hunters make is not removing enough tail. Please watch our web demo

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Custom made frames
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Beard Mounts

beard kit

Enough for 3 beards $6.50/kit + shipping and handling

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above display of kit depicts a custom frame that is not included in the kit